Cyber safety and bullying ⚓️

The key points of the cyber safety and bullying

* You should never be a bystander

* All ways tell a trusted adult

* Use strong pass words

* ask personal question to see if it is who  they say it

* read terms and conditions

* Don’t lie about your age

* If you let them follow you should Be able let them in your to have dinner

* don’t give anyone personal information

* Don’t post photos that you would hide form your mum and dad

* silly photo can come back when you are older and risk you getting a good job

100 word challenge

Crash, I heard a bang in the back yard it was so loud that the people in the old White House on the end of the street could heard it. Every one came rushing out side. We looked around there was nothing to be seen. Nothing that would make that sound bang that sound echoed around the field still nothing to be seen then mum came out and said what was that. Then dad said oh the formula-one car race is on they are training for the face in Melbourne. Dad can we go and watch…..please…please…please. Okay we can go and watch if you want.